Monday, December 19, 2011

SF--->LAX / Second Stop

In December 1999, Robert and I went on a cross country trip from SF to NM, OK, KS, WI and LA to see family and friends. Along the way, we started compiling the notes for a zine we were going to call 'Tatos & Turlets'. Scratching your head yet? Tatos = Potatoes. Turlets = Toilets. We took turns writing about the quality of toilet facilities and fried potato products we came across. We also noted whatever we were listening to when we stopped. It's pretty silly stuff, but we enjoyed doing it. Of course we never actually made the zine, as we are masters of procrastination.

Today, we are embarking on another round of family related travel and thanks to the beauty of one small handheld 'smart' device, I am going to document the glorious ephemera associated with roadtrips. Weird, disgusting toilets, those impulse snacks that always seem like a good idea (the shiny food we found with gasoline) and humanity in general.

This first photo was taken in a Ladies room at a gas station on I-5, at the stop near Hwy 152. There is a Foster's Tastee Freeze right next door, in case this image stimulates your appetite...

On The Road Again.
(Always searching for Vegan Reubens and funny photo opportunities.)